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After teaching ceramics for many years Dirk Hubers left Tulane and went to Mexico where he bought a ranch.  Water was scarce in Guanajuato and he needed lots because his wife wanted to transform the arid terrain into a lush garden.  I was told Hubers dug over a dozen shallow wells that were over 20-feet wide and she completed the transformation.

April 1, 2004 " Spirit finds Multi-Layer hints of past waters at Mars' Gustev site"- NASA/JPL.

While the Rovers were moving across the Martian surface in the summer of 2004 I drove from Cape Canaveral to Guanajuato and looked for Mars in the night sky.  Each day/sol of the trip I molded and photographed things seen and later made clay water jugs that combined things collected with downloaded images from the Rovers in the same time sequence.