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This website contains the recent art events.  All actions and stories are true.  Based on the  idea that for  thousands of years what we now view as art were people's  attempts to control their environments and  their future.  Articles were made to please the God's , insure good hunting and fertility, and guarantee a happy afterlife.  
Only since the renaissance has art been seen as an object of pure aesthetic value and since that time art makers have been dissolving the objects through abstraction until only the idea exists.
 Science and engineering have made some of the problem solving nature of early art obsolete.  In the stories contained in this site the idea is to bring resolution and understanding  to problems unresolved by  science, like death, and the unexplained actions of people  and animals and to bring art and magic back together.
MFA: Pratt Institute
BFA: U of Bridgeport
BSME :BEI ( Fairfield U)

Janice Barnish
226 Clark Hill Road
East Hampton
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